Suffering Luna

Suffering Luna
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Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Psychedelic Hardcore, Powerviolence, Crust Punk, Sludge
Years active 1990-present

Suffering Luna was formed as Christfall in the 1990s at the edge of the powerviolence, crust, and sludge scenes in Los Angeles. Rooted as much in hard drugs and inner-city drama as in punk and metal, Suffering Luna played and recorded infrequently for their first several years. Friends and fans of Suffering Luna in bands including Dystopia, Despise You, Lack of Interest, and Gasp did their best to help them get their music out, but drugs, crime, paranoia, and homelessness kept the band from ever reaching the number of fans they deserved or reaching their creative potential. Shows were broken up by cops, recording masters were confiscated after band members tagged up the recording studio, and fearing he was being chased by demons, singer Messee kept changing the name of the band and refused to sing any of the band's songs that he believed called the demons to him. Considering the instability of band members' lives, it was inevitable that by the end of the 1990's, the band would be broken up with original members either joining the military, finding God, or ending up on the streets. They left behind them a split 7" with Dystopia on Pessimiser Records (reissued on Life is Abuse / Misanthropic Records), a split 12" with Gasp on Deep Six records, and a scattering of live bootlegs and unfinished studio demos.

In 2009, more than a decade later, Messee and original bassist Taz reunited with friend and sometimes collaborator, Mitch Brown. When Suffering Luna's original guitarist said he was committed to leaving that old life behind him, Messee, Taz, and Mitch invited Sean Socco from '90s powerviolence band Scalp-Lock to replace him. The new Suffering Luna began working on updating the psychedelic hardcore sound they had pioneered 15 years earlier. They released a self titled lp on To Live a Lie Records that was hailed by Reggie Rosales of Gasp as "the comeback record of the century" and was included on one of Maximum Rock and Roll's "10 Best Records of 2011" lists. One year later they released a follow up ep called "Blood Filled Bong" on To Live a Lie Records and Grindcore Karaoke. Since 2009, Suffering Luna has also returned to playing shows around L.A., sharing the stage with bands such as Hellbastard, Vitamin X, Lack of Interest, and Stapled Shut. The L.A. Weekly has described Suffering Luna shows as "grueling, paranoid affairs that burn their way into trance."

Band Members

Current Lineup

  • "Messee" – vocals
  • Sean Socco (Scalplock, Our Scars are Gifts) – guitar, vocals, electronics
  • Patrick Palma (Magnolia Thunderpussy, Melic Sub Rosa) – drums
  • Fivel Perez (Runamuck, Megatron, Bloody Phoenix) – bass
  • Dustin Johnson (Actuary, To the Point) - electronics

Past Members

  • Mitch Brown
  • "Taz"
  • Joe Lara
  • "Junior"
  • Sean Cole


  • Self Titled CD/LP (2011 To Live a Lie Records)
  • Blood Filled Bong Cassette (2012 To Live a Lie Records)
  • Suffering Luna/Gasp LP (1996 Deep Six Records)
  • Suffering Luna/Dystopia 7" (1995 Pessimiser Records, reissued on Life Is Abuse/Misanthropic Records)
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