Prokash Singha

Prokash Singha (born 11 October 2004) is a Bangladeshi singer, songwriter & composer. He makes music of various genres & languages.

Prokash Singha
Orgin Sreemangal, Moulvibazar, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Genres Pop, Rock, R&B & EDM
Years Active 2019-present
Country of origin Bangladesh
Labels Prokash Singha
Associated Acts Singer, Songwriter & Composer
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Early life

Prokash Singha was born on 11 October 2004 in Sreemangal, Moulvibazar, Sylhet, Bangladesh. His father's name is Chandra Kumar Singha & his mother's name is Jusna Sinha. From an early age he started writing & singing songs. He completed his primary school education (class 1th to 5th) from Dip Shikha Pre Cadet & High School, Sreemangal. After that he completed his secondary school education (class 6th to 10th) from Border Guard Public High School, Sreemangal in group of science. Then he got admitted in Imperial College Moulvibazar & completed his intermediate in science.


Prokash Singha started his career through covering songs on YouTube. He created his YouTube channel on 4 October 2019 & uploaded his first cover song in 2020. Then he started making his original songs with his own composition & lyrics.

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