Macon Metal
Macon Metal
Founder Wülf, Ram
Categories Local scene, Fanzine
First Issue 2014
Country United States
Based in Macon, GA
Language English
Official website

Macon Metal is a monthly music zine written by pseudonymous authors Wülf and Ram.


Macon Metal was the brainchild of the writer Wülf. After coming to terms with the fact that he didn't support the local Georgia music scene as much as he thought he should, he decided to make use of his newly-acquired writing degree and begin a webzine. He first thought to name the zine Macon Noise, but found that the title was already taken by a Macon-based record label, which had its own eponymous fanzine. He decided, then, to rename it Macon Metal. He started a Blogspot account to host the webzine, and the first post was published to the blog in November of 2014.

The zine's first interview was with Valdosta-based hardcore punk band Machinist!, and was posted on December 22, 2014. Another interview, this time with Perry-based tech death act Apollo, was in the works, and Wülf began to feel slightly overwhelmed, as he'd planned to publish a physical format of the zine as well. On Christmas day, Wülf made the announcement that Ram, a friend of his, would be joining him in working on Macon Metal to assist with, initially, just the physical zines, as she had some experience with making them.

The first issue was finally published in early January of 2015. It was made available directly through Macon Metal, as well as a Machinist! tour in which the band kept them on the merch table.

Since the first issue, the pair have divided up the workload more evenly between themselves. Wülf is in charge of reviews and the upkeep of the events calendar, while Ram is in charge of interviews and the layouts of the physical zines.


Issue 1 - January 2015

Issue 1 featured interviews with Machinist! and Apollo, and a pair of op-ed pieces written by Ram.

Issue 2 - February 2015

Issue 2 highlighted some of the local record labels run by local musicians, including Divine Mother Recordings, Acid Redux Productions, and Killer Robot Music. It also featured an interview with Atlanta death metal band Mosura.

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