Black Drug
Black Drug
Orgin Gothenburg, SE
Genres Anti-Music, Noise, Experimental, Neo-DSBM, Instrumental
Years Active 2018 - present
Country of origin Sweden
Labels Saturn Underground Society
Associated Acts They Ate Isengard, Harvey Parker
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Black Drug is an anti-music/noise project created by former They Ate Isengard frontman Harvey Parker (real name John Eric Dantanus) in 2018. Combining multiple musical styles such as Noise, Harsh Ambient, Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, Jazz and Rock, Black Drug's music is hard to narrow down into one concrete genre. With tracks raging from less than a minute to over 40 minutes long endeavors, the songs flow seamlessly from part to part, totally avoiding any conventional song structures. Much like They Ate Isengard, the songs rarely give room for a groove to manifest, but quickly shift shapes and stays in constant movement and change, differing it from traditional Noise music. The songs, although being mostly instrumental and lacking clear vocals, gives off a strong DSBM (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal) feel by the means of titling and artwork. Themes such as death, suicide, drug addiction, depression and despair are trademarks for the project. Mixing samples of eastern folk singing/instrumentation accompanied by heavily distorted guitars and fast, heavy blast beating has come to define the sound. To date, 4 full length albums have been released through the label Saturn Underground Society.


  • Harvey Parker (John Eric Dantanus) (guitar, bass, drums, synths, sampling, occasional vocals)



  • Black Drug (2018)
  • Today Is Not A Good Day (2019)
  • Isolation Association (2019)
  • Alzheimer (2019)

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