Alveda Music
Alveda Music
Founded 2014 (2012 unofficial)
Founder Falcos Panagiotis
Genre All genres of electronic music
Country of origin Greece
Location Thessaloniki
Official website

Alveda Music is an independent Greek record company and was founded in February 2012 by Falcos Panagiotis.

Home of Alveda Music, Alveda Deep, Encourage Records, AMVA and many more. Right now more than 700 artists had worked with the label.

Changed completely in February 2017 as the label group had growth of 300% for 2016 under the management of Falcos Panagiotis. The label group operates currently 12 labels and had showing interests for more investments on various industries.

Falcos extended the label group on October 2017 with 6 new labels on group.


Started as an artist network in February 2012 but organized officially as a label in Januray 2014.

In 2016, the label group had under control 5 labels and united described as the "Alveda Music Group". The label group operates one of the largest catalogs of Electronic Dance Music in Greece.


  • GRVV0816 - Falcos Deejay - Above Your Mind - 2019
  • GRVV0796 - Saladin - Chills - 2019
  • GRVV0787 - aXtm - Frozen - 2019

More than 1500 tracks are released by Alveda Music.

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