Adobe Homes
Adobe Homes
Orgin Albuquerque, NM
Genres punk
Years Active 2008-Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels For the Love of___, Bear Records, Titan Mega Corporation, Texas Toast DIY, Olhar de Vidro Records, Radical Friends Records, Black With Sap Records, Kyeo Speaks Zine, Dog Knights Productions, Friendly Otter, Bookhouse Records, Flannel Gurl Records, Affinity Index Records
Associated Acts Growing Pains, Beau Navire, Innards, Zagadka
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"Emotional screams for emotional people who can't keep their shit together emotionally"
- Robert/Bear Records

"Hailing from the parched, cracked, chaotic, & barren desert of despair that is Albuquerque, New Mexico comes the most explosive 10" from the modern day skramz movement. Kings of schizophrenic time signatures and start/stop screamo-hardcore, ADOBE HOMES, deliver a textbook screamo record complete with Orchid-reminiscent screeches, Ampere pretty-parts, and a touch of that pg.99 punk vibe."
- Mel(?)/Melotov Records


David Johnny Maron
Myles Patches Bailey
Anthony Joseph Martinez
Christopher Joaquin Romero


"Demo" CD-R [ 2008] 3 songs:

  • Hey, did Arthur ever get with Sue-Ellen?
  • The Bebop knows best…
  • Relocation was bound to happen

Adobe Homes VS Growing Pains Split" Cassette [ 2009] 3 songs:

  • En la Arena. [Growing Pains]
  • Un Bosque con arroys, lodo y insectos "instrumental". [Adobe Homes]
  • There are Cicadas in the trees. [Adobe Homes]

For the love of (Tapes)

"Ristra" 10" [2010] 10 songs:

  • "Should I buy it or sell it?"
  • Buds & Nugs: The in-depth autobiography of Mules, Chapter II
  • Cowboy Bebop knows best…
  • … In this Moment
  • Manzano St NE
  • Relocation was bound to happen
  • Jared Ch-ya-vez.
  • She spells it with one "L"
  • Hey, did Arthur ever get with Sue-Ellen?
  • Ristra roto es mi vida

Bear Records//Titan Mega Corporation

"Adobe Homes VS Beau Navire Split" [2011] 2 songs:

  • I don't think I'm Glorybound, bound, bound. [Adobe Homes]
  • Eyelids. [Beau Navire]

Texas Toast DIYOlhar De Vidro RecordsRadical Friends RecordsBlack With Sap RecordsKyeo Speaks ZIne

"Piñata" [2012] 5 songs:

  • Monologue of the confused Pt I. (New Mexico riff) "
  • Monologue of the confused Pt II. (Burnt house on Tatooine)
  • A Wright winter
  • There are Cicadas in the trees
  • ¿Quién estará aquí a romper este Piñata?

Bear RecordsDög Knights ProductionsFriendly Otter//Bookhouse Records

Adobe Homes VS Innards Split" [2013] 3 songs:

  • You're more like a sunflower then a Rose [Adobe Homes]
  • College house [Innards]
  • Construction[Innards]

Flannel Gurl Records

"Currently Untitled" [2013] 1 song:

  • untitled

Affinity Index Records

"Cannabiscitas Adobe Homes VS Zagadka split" [2013]

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