A Wilhelm Scream
A Wilhelm Scream, Smackin' Isaiah
Orgin New Bedford, MA
Genres Melodic Hardcore Punk
Years Active 2001 - Present
Country of origin United States of America
Labels Nitro, Jump Start
Associated Acts The Flatliners, Beaver, Ivan Drago
Official website http://awilhelmscream.com/

A Wilhelm Scream, formerly known as Smackin' Isaiah, is a punk band from New Bedford, Massachusetts. The band takes their name from the stock sound effect first used in the 1951 film Distant Drums and popularized by its use by sound designer Ben Burtt in the beloved Star Wars trilogy.


Nuno Pereira – vocals
Trevor Reilly – guitar, vocals
Mike Supina – guitar
Brian Robinson – bass guitar, vocals
Nicholas Pasquale Angelini – drums


Benefits of Thinking Out Loud (2001, Jump Start)
Mute Print (2004, Nitro)
Ruiner (2005, Nitro)
Driver (2006, Jump Start)
Career Suicide (2007, Nitro)
A Wilhelm Scream (2009)

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