A Fine Boat, That Coffin!
A Fine Boat, That Coffin!
Orgin Lübeck / Sassenberg
Genres Hardcore / Grind / Sludge / Emocore / Progressive
Years Active 2004 - Present
Country of origin Germany
Labels React with Protest, Tor Johnson Records
Associated Acts Calling Gina Clark, Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, Arsen aka König Der Monster, Einer Muss Tot, Solace Beats My Starvation, Hurricane Hordak, Morlok
Official website http://afineboatthatcoffin.bandcamp.com/

Our own inability to play instruments and structure songs.


Hendrik, Chris, Mirc, Han


Second Nail (2006)
A Fine Boat, That Coffin! VS Utarid VS Am I Dead Yet VS The Mock Heroic 4-Way split (2006)

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