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This wiki was created for all the grindcore, fastcore, powerviolence related music that may not qualify for larger wikis due to notability or other factors. Please contribute and add your band, label, zine, etc. This can also expand into other underground genres, ranging from black metal to anything, if you are an expert in these areas feel free to add information on the genre of your choice. For those of you new to wikis, see contributing-to-diy-music and infoboxes-templates.

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Featured Article: wiki:infoboxes-templates

To help standardize the look and information put into DIY Music, I have made infoboxes and templates. This will help both beginners and advanced users.

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To use templates, just start a new article and there will be a dropdown to use them:

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These are the standard boxes of information that float on the right side of the screen on an article.

For more info/infobox code/custom code examples go here: infoboxes-templates.

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